Lung Function Testing
Within the outpatient setting and during an appointment Spirometry, which measures, expired lung volumes by time and PEFR measuring speed of expiration an be undertaken.

More extensive Lung function analysis is sometimes necessary; this requires an appointment at a Lung function unit. This may include tests to determine if an inhaled drug can dilate the airways, measurement of blood Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide levels.

Most tests are referred to the Royal Brompton lung function unit (external page).


Chest X-ray
Often undertaken as part of an initial assessment. Provides information about both heart and lung structure and response to injury and illness.


CT Scan
CT scans give a detailed assessment of the structure and function of the area scanned. Assists with the identification of abnormalities, which have developed as part of disease process


This can be used to assist in diagnosis and follow up of conditions and also used when taking samples of abnormal tissues, lymph gland or fluid.


Blood Tests
Blood tests are used to help diagnose conditions, to assessing the health of organs and to assess response to treatments.